Don’t cancel your Yoga trip to Ecuador despite the Earthquake

“The main tourism areas in Ecuador
are fully operational, including main airports in
Quito, Guayaquil, the Andean Highlands, Amazon Rainforest and the Galapagos Islands. The damage is severe and widespread in the poorest areas of the Pacific Coast”. Posted by  Sacha Ji


Namasté my yogic friends,

Uno de los campamentos para damnificados, en Pedernales, armados con la ayuda humanitaria internacional, en este caso de la Agencia de la ONU para los Refugiados. Foto: Vicente Costales/EL COMERCIO

This newsletter was supposed to reach your inbox on the 18th of April this year, sharing an inspiring little story “I just felt in love with yoga“. But, as some of you may know, the Pacific coast of my beautiful home country, Ecuador, was shaken by an earthquake on Saturday 16th, just 2 days before sending it. Along the following week, I concentrated fully on communicate with family and friends and on supporting the population online  from where I live today, France.

The most affected areas are the Provinces of Manabí and Esmeraldas. The little villages affected are mainly rural areas where people make their living upon commerce, agriculture, fishing and tourism. There were around 655 victims, another 113 were rescued alive and more than 25000 were evacuated and relocated in temporary shelters. People was concerned for everyone, even for dogs who were found lost or injured. 80% of the infrastructure of some important villages was destroyed. The damage is huge and it will take many years to recover.

Hopefully, at the present date, the replicas of tremors have diminished. Apparently, we are out of danger.  My family lives far from this epicenter zone, but they felt a very strong tremor for around 1 minute at the moment of the earthquake. Here I share a video I made with my phone of the news a few days after:


The amazing thing is that the earthquake united the population of my country, who showed an extraordinary will of solidarity and support towards the affected ones. It is amazing how much help we received from locals and from all over the world. Rescue squads appeared from EVERYWHERE! So much love! So much care from the world!. Tons of food, clothes, water, medicines, even food and shoes for the injured and the rescue dogs!!!. Lots of posts were made in their names, thanking them for helping rescuers to find survivors beneath the rubble.

The lesson behind all this: To remember we are prepared to give THE LOVE WE ALWAYS HAVE .

It is the first time I see the people of my country 100% united to help EVERYONE. We longed for such union for so many years. For the first time in years, people was able to recognize themselves in others’ eyes and to see God everywhere. As you may know, Ecuador is a beautiful country, and we ecuadorians are very welcoming and friendly folks, we receive hundreds of tourists every year and we tend to be charismatic and gentle. We try to be united in everything and to be very optimistic, but in the last few years, political issues have divided the country in 2 big bands: pro-government & anti-government, making everybody upset and not being supporting for anything. But this is another story I won’t tell here.

So, that week it was actually happening: WE WERE ALL ONE!. Check this lovely video. I was so motivated by the idea that at last people was helping for a human cause and not for an economical or political interest. EVERYBODY was posting on the medias: type of help needed, emergency calls, donation points, how to take care of the population, people giving services for free, etc. There was this feeling that every one was contributing to save not only the people but to rescue the whole country. Love was everywhere!.I wonder, why isn’t it like that everyday, everywhere in the world?. I pray that this consciousness of union continues for ever. We really need it!.

The “side effects”

Knowing that the “side effects” of this earthquake will take years to reestablish socially, psychologically and economically, we do know we have to take care of the health and wellbeing of our people and of the economy of the country as well. We are motivating everybody not to stop working, to be optimistic and to continue loving each other. There are hundreds of psychology associations giving emotional support in all areas, for those who have suffered family loss and for those who lost their material belongings including their jobs. Assessing grief process, post traumatic stress, generalized anxiety are now a priority, but also, we must motivate people to create new ways of earning an income for example, by exploring hidden capacities or talents. And yes, this will take years perhaps. At the beginning we will need to move on with the help of others though.

Contributing from abroad

I had to work at home during the next week, so, I decided that the best way to help being abroad was by live video: I offered 3 videos via Periscope to help control anxiety and stress through breathing exercises, and I have created a new one to recruit volunteers going to help the population in the affected areas. With the techniques shown, they will be able to prepare themselves to confront the present situation the affected ones are living now, and to assist those who are under great stress and anxiety. At least like this I feel I am contributing to my country as if I were there.

If you have some material support, you can post it in my Yoga & Psychology page so people from the ecuadorian community can see it : Thank you!.

And yes! There are so many things we can do to contribute.

Here I dare to ask you to help us by sending light and healing energy during your meditation.

Iglesia Sn Francisco de Quito, Mona Villacres ©
Iglesia Sn Francisco de Quito, Mona Villacres ©

But if you have the feeling you want to do more, you can donate (check the links below) or  perhaps you can do something greater: VISIT OUR COUNTRY! SMILE!: YOU WILL BE SAFE. Like this, you will help us to keep tourism income active and there will be jobs for those who need the most. Check out this information: What do you think about this?. Share your comments.

So, since I can’t leave my newsletter abandoned just like that, I invite you to read my inspiring story: “I Just Felt in Love with Yoga” and to check out the activities I am offering for the next months, including a Retreat to our lovely mountains in the Andes in Sacha Ji Wellness Hotel. If you are interested in leading some retreats in Sacha Ji ask me about their special prices, I can send you a Promo Code to book today.

Hoping you receive my lines with an open heart.

Thanks for sharing them with your friends…

Infinite blessings,


Organisms you can contact:

UN Development Programme (UNDP)

TROPIC Fundraising Campaign for Solar Energy Kits

THE WATERBEARERS for donating water filters

Ecuadorian Red Cross (scroll to the bottom for International Donation Information)