Traveling Abroad & Traveling Within

Arriving at Kanyakumari, India, Mona Villacres ©
I am preparing my luggage to start my summer vacations. At last!!! 2017 was the year of traveling within, now I need to go out there and apply the lessons learned! IT IS URGENT! haha! For those who follow me on my facebook fan page and instagram, they may understand what I am trying to say... ;) So, what is my deal with TRAVELING? My passion for traveling started when I...
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Confront Anger - The Dragon Side of Your Persona - Mona Villacres ©
European Yoga Festival - France Jul-30, 31, Aug-1(Forest 6) * (11h30-13h30) Introduction to Yoga Psychology & Kundalini Yoga Principles to understand Anger. Recognize anger relation with your “hidden agenda” and your inner joy. Deconstruct deep mental patterns coming from your childhood. Evolve within and live an authentic life. English-Spanish-French spoken - Trans...
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My yogic injury & its new year’s blessing lesson on the mat

xmas bliss. Mona Villacres ©
Namasté my dear friends! Happy new year! It’s been a while!, Well, I have some great lessons I have integrated in the last 4 weeks and I’d humbly like to share them with you my little approach to this experience. I had a knee injury –for the 4th time-. while doing my morning practice before Christmas -some yoga teachers may say "welcome to the club darling"-.  This was at 7 ...
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La Canción de la Sopa

Breakfast Missl 2016 Mona Villacres ©
This is the group of the Hispanic Karma Yogis of the International Yoga Festival here in France -some are not hispanic but they love the language and the vibe so they come anyway-. At 8am, after chanting a song called "La Canción de la Sopa" (see the video below), they serve breakfast to 3000 people every year. There are some yogis who have already come to help in this servi...
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