“Initiate an internal revolution of rediscovery, self-knowledge and inner commitment towards transformation: you can change everything by JUST BEING YOU”. 

I always knew inner transformation was possible, however, I wasn’t sure how to reach out until the day I discovered yoga. In the first part of my learning process as a psychologist and yoga student, I lost two beloved members of my family at the same time. The pain was too strong to bear. I started suffering from a deep emotional distress with anxiety and major depression symptoms. I just wanted to disappear and I knew I was not supposed to go out on a party to drink and forget all. I knew my longing for inner transformation had a different plan for me. I strongly believed that I had to this on my own, with no “pain substitution”. My two-hour early morning yoga practice was not enough to get the strength I needed. So, I started looking through different yoga styles, and finally got it.

After months of a projected practice and with the help of a vegetarian diet I got finally connected to my destiny and knew how to heal my pain. I made the decision to step away from pain and confusion forever, to be surrounded by positive people, to live a joyful and creative life, to excel in everything I wanted to do, to have a strong confidence in myself and to start living authentically by being me. Only after I made the decision, I started experiencing healing through acceptance and forgiveness in such a deep manner that it is not possible to explain with words. It happened somewhere in my heart without any reasonable process. I only know that I was practicing yoga with faith and commitment. This is how Yoga became my psychologist, my healer and the path to encounter my mission in life.

Since 2006, I have been imparting yoga classes to continue learning and to integrate the knowledge as I share it with others. After finishing my studies in clinical psychology I was trained as a Traditional Hatha Yoga instructor, then as a Kundalini Yoga teacher (KRI, USA) and finally as a Yoga Therapist in India (SVYASA). Today I offer individual and group classes in Toulouse (France). I teach group workshops and guide yoga retreats in my favorite locations in the world. My favorite one?: my home country: Ecuador, because of its rejuvenating energy either in the mountains or in the jungle.

My yoga practices include different breathing exercises with stretching and dynamic physical movements in order to clean and align the body energy. My practices lead to total calmness in deep relaxation and prepares the practitioner to project the mental energy awaken in a sweet but intense meditation exercise at the end of each of my sessions.

My personalized techniques help students to encounter the noise of the mental patterns with which they have been raised with or lived by (anxiety, anger, confusion, insecurity, depression, stress, etc.). It also helps to integrate the clear inner voice of intuition through breath, like this, it is possible to develop confidence and to change old mental patterns to become a new person after every practice.