Traveling Abroad & Traveling Within

Arriving at Kanyakumari, India, Mona Villacres ©
I am preparing my luggage to start my summer vacations. At last!!! 2017 was the year of traveling within, now I need to go out there and apply the lessons learned! IT IS URGENT! haha! For those who follow me on my facebook fan page and instagram, they may understand what I am trying to say... ;) So, what is my deal with TRAVELING? My passion for traveling started when I...
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My yogic injury & its new year’s blessing lesson on the mat

xmas bliss. Mona Villacres ©
Namasté my dear friends! Happy new year! It’s been a while!, Well, I have some great lessons I have integrated in the last 4 weeks and I’d humbly like to share them with you my little approach to this experience. I had a knee injury –for the 4th time-. while doing my morning practice before Christmas -some yoga teachers may say "welcome to the club darling"-.  This was at 7 ...
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La Canción de la Sopa

Breakfast Missl 2016 Mona Villacres ©
This is the group of the Hispanic Karma Yogis of the International Yoga Festival here in France -some are not hispanic but they love the language and the vibe so they come anyway-. At 8am, after chanting a song called "La Canción de la Sopa" (see the video below), they serve breakfast to 3000 people every year. There are some yogis who have already come to help in this servi...
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Confront your Deepest Fears and then just RELAX

You are not what your fear says, Mona Villacres ©
Traveling is the best way to get inspired and to renew your creativity. Like this you learn to overcome some little things in life –not to say everything. Along a journey, you may find tiny situations that make you wiser. These are lessons to test your strength to confront incertitude and fear. When I travel I love to welcome these lessons with an open heart and I integr...
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Don’t cancel your Yoga trip to Ecuador despite the Earthquake

"The main tourism areas in Ecuador are fully operational, including main airports in Quito, Guayaquil, the Andean Highlands, Amazon Rainforest and the Galapagos Islands. The damage is severe and widespread in the poorest areas of the Pacific Coast". Posted by  Sacha Ji   Namasté my yogic friends, This newsletter was supposed to reach your inbox on the 18th of Ap...
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“I Just Felt in Love with Yoga…”

I just Fell in Love with Yoga. MonaVillacresYoga©
Somebody said this during an intensive program I attended last month. It resonated deep within me!. “I Just Felt in Love with Yoga...” says all about my personal story with yoga. In fact, all that I have done since 2002, such as investing my savings in trainings, traveling abroad for yoga conferences and symposiums, my studies in India and intensive programs with inspiri...
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Mental Projection to Start the Year in My Own Yogic Way

Our X-Mas Tree
Sat Nam! Namasté! I am back in Toulouse after almost 10 days of visiting my cousin and 2 very close friends of mine in Germany. We spent new year's eve together with the sound of firecrackers and (me) with a nice vegan dinner.. =) I was the only weirdo eating "simple food" that night... =s Even though I was very busy with the preparation of the food on the 31st, I lo...
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Yogic Attitude to Eat During Holidays

"You are what you eat"
Conscious principles to give your stomach joy and happiness with organization and breathing. Our yoga practice should go along with a conscious way of eating. Celebrating during these holidays is a good opportunity to experience this. To decide “Not to eat anything” is not an option. After 14 years of being vegetarian, I may say that conscious eating depends on our commitmen...
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Recognizing Hidden Messages in Life’s Adventures

Notre vie est pleine de messages de sagesse -Our life is an adventure full of wise messages. Mona Villacres Yoga ®
Try this 3 minutes meditation to see the positive in the negative. Inner transformation can be a journey of amazing adventures. Each of these will always be a life’s gift for inner development. The ideal is to recognize the gifts hidden in every happy or sad situation you go through along your path. People tend to perceive sad moments as a burden, and that is a wrong habit....
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Yoga during times of violence

Light and Love for Paris, Mona Villacres Yoga ®
Thanks to all my family members and friends who have written asking if everything is ok with us. I have tried to answer a few messages with a vague response.. because honestly... I did not know what to say... "We are fine.. we are in another city.. friends and family there are ok.."... Yes, I tried to believe that I was safe because I do not live in Paris... but this not only...
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