European Yoga Festival - France Jul-30, 31, Aug-1(Forest 6) * (11h30-13h30) Introduction to Yoga Psychology & Kundalini Yoga Principles to understand Anger. Recognize anger relation with your “hidden agenda” and your inner joy. Deconstruct deep mental patterns coming from your childhood. Evolve within and live an authentic life. English-Spanish-French spoken - Trans...
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Transforming Fear into Love Energy*

@ the European Yoga Festival 2016 July 31, August 1 & 6 11.30-13.30 Evolve! Live an Authentic Life Full of Love and Magic Kundalini Yoga Principles & Psychology to overcome Fear A dynamic and joyful workshop to deconstruct your hidden agendas creatively. @ the European Yoga Festival 2016, Forest 6 (more information soon) to know more click here: http://www...
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Offre Clin D’Oeil pour Saint Valentin: Yoga & Méditation en Couple

Mona Villacres Yoga ®
  Offrez un cadeau original! Une séance de yoga et méditation pour 20 euros par couple (prix normal 60 euros) à Le Cabinet, 9 Place de la Daurade,  31000, Toulouse Offert par notre Yoga thérapeute, Mona Villacres, 1 heure de calme avec des exercices doux pour ouvrir votre coeur et expérimenter avec la méditation une connexion d'amour profond et...
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Principes pour réveiller l’énergie Kundalini

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16 janvier 2016 Notre corps est activé par la force vitale de l’univers (prana). Cette énergie nous permet de fonctionner harmonieusement au niveau physique et mental grâce à notre respiration. Notre souffle peut activer chez nous une conscience intégrale sur notre présence corporelle et émotionnelle. Progressivement, dans la pratique du yoga, la qualité réparatric...
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The Magic of Yoga in India: Consciousness everywhere you step on!

Come with me and live a magical experience to reconnect with the authenticity of your soul... I am very excited to announce this amazing trip! After living in India for 3 years (where I did my Masters in Research on yoga therapy and Indian psychology), I was convinced that India is the only place on earth (perhaps there might be others I do not know yet), where you ca...
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Mental Projection – Yoga Intensive Workshop

FULL! COMPLETE! SOLD OUT! End up 2015 with a new vision of your life path and start 2016 with a renewed energy to achieve what you pursuit professionally, materially and internally. After my studies in Yoga Psychology in India I decided to share the basics of my learning process with my students in my home country in Ecuador. We worked in different intensive workshops...
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