Confront your Deepest Fears and then just RELAX

You are not what your fear says, Mona Villacres ©
Traveling is the best way to get inspired and to renew your creativity. Like this you learn to overcome some little things in life –not to say everything. Along a journey, you may find tiny situations that make you wiser. These are lessons to test your strength to confront incertitude and fear. When I travel I love to welcome these lessons with an open heart and I integr...
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Recognizing Hidden Messages in Life’s Adventures

Notre vie est pleine de messages de sagesse -Our life is an adventure full of wise messages. Mona Villacres Yoga ®
Try this 3 minutes meditation to see the positive in the negative. Inner transformation can be a journey of amazing adventures. Each of these will always be a life’s gift for inner development. The ideal is to recognize the gifts hidden in every happy or sad situation you go through along your path. People tend to perceive sad moments as a burden, and that is a wrong habit....
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